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The following is based on selected Arlington Police Department logs from April 2 through 8. No arrests were reported. Excerpts from the Arlington Police Department log:

Tuesday, April 2

8:54 a.m. – Larceny under $1,200. A Jason Street resident visited the police station to report that a masked man had misappropriated a mountain bike that a friend of her son had left propped against her garage. The woman provided a security video showing that a male in “tough clothing” and wearing a large Covid-19-style mask had approached and entered her property from the north side of Jason Street, then walked up to the two-tone gray Trek mountain bike worth $400 before mounting it and riding off. Arlington Police Department spokesman Capt. Richard Flynn said that the mask would likely impede identification of the thief but added that police would pursue the matter, coordinating with surrounding towns to try to locate the bike, should it turn up or be offered for public sale.

5:07 p.m. – Accident without Injury. A two-car crash on the notoriously perilous Appleton Street (no intersection given) resulted in substantial damage to the vehicles but no injuries. A 2016 Toyota driven by a 28-year-old Waltham woman was allegedly sideswiped by a 2014 Lexus operated by a 61-year-old Boxboro woman. The Lexus then reportedly caromed off the Toyota, damaging a front fender and tearing off a side mirror before hitting two trees; an airbag deployed along the way. Police and EMTs arrived, but the police officers could not clearly determine fault, so no citations were written. Neither driver accepted medical assistance.

Wednesday, April 3

9:27 a.m. – Malicious Destruction of Property. A 64-year old Arlington woman called police to report that her 2020 Chevy had been keyed and that she had an idea who might have done it. She said that shortly before discovering the damage she had been walking her dog along a Mass. Ave. sidewalk and had encountered another dog walker, a man, approaching from the opposite direction. As the two passed each other, she said she had “nudged” the man to make room for herself and that the man had “grunted.” The exchange might, she said, have given the man a motive to seek revenge. The report did not include any elaboration of her theory connecting the man to the car, however. As Flynn summarized it, “No evidence.”

2:29 p.m. – Motor Vehicle Larceny. A manager of a U-Haul franchise visited APD to report that a Chevy van leased to a customer in March had not been returned for weeks past the end of the rental period, that an attempt by the customer to extend the lease had been paid with a credit card that was declined; that attempts to contact the customer directly had failed and that the vehicle was still missing. APD detectives tried to identify the customer from the information provided but found it fictitious, insufficient or both. An addendum to the report states that the van eventually turned up in a hotel parking lot in Waltham, but the suspect remains unknown and at large.

8:18 p.m. – Accident without Injury. A blue Hyundai Elantra traveling south on Cleveland Street allegedly went straight through the Mass. Ave. stop sign and then struck a white Toyota Prius while trying to make a sudden left onto Mass. Ave. When police officers arrived, they discovered that the Elantra driver, a 42-year-old Everett man, spoke only Portuguese, which they tried to work around using a translation app. Neither he nor the Prius driver, a 76-year-old Cambridge man, was injured; however, the Prius was heavily damaged and had to be towed. Because of the language difficulties, the officers were unable to determine why the Elantra driver had missed the stop sign; they issued him a failure-to-yield citation.

Thursday, April 4

2:26 p.m. – Neighbor Problem. Police were reportedly summoned to a Palmer Street apartment building to adjudicate a dispute between two residents concerning a wet bathroom floor. The complainant, 45, said that she was sick and tired of the other resident, 69, “correcting her all the time.” After hearing both sides, the officers suggested they stay clear of each other, to which suggestion the women agreed without further discussion.

Saturday, April 6

5:08 p.m. – Neighbor Problem. A Perth Road couple contacted police to complain -- through a language-translation app (foreign language not given) -- about nearby children continually kicking soccer balls onto their back yard. Their story led police to talk to another couple, owners of a Selkirk Road residence, who reportedly stayed calm but, when asked, said little to elucidate their children's activities. Police told both couples about the town's harassment-prevention program, also saying that they hoped that the two families could come to terms on their own so they wouldn't need it.

6:01 p.m. – Larceny Under $1,200. An Amsden Street resident contacted APD to report having come home from a short trip and finding security video footage of a man (approximate age not given) trying to get into a car that he had left parked in his driveway and then peering into the front and side doors and windows. Police said they would take a closer look at the video for possible clues to the man's identity and also that they would add scheduled patrols of the area.

7:39 p.m. – Threats, Neighbor Problem. Police were dispatched to Temple Street after two neighbors had been heard yelling at each other in what the caller termed “threatening tones.” A dispute had erupted after recent rainwater from one neighbor's French drain allegedly had been pumped out onto the other neighbor's new driveway, possibly discoloring it. “I paid $50,000 for this driveway,” yelled one. “Look at this damage. Who's going to pay for it?” After patiently listening to both sides, officers suggested to the drain owner that he might think about conducting the basement wastewater to some alternate flushing point.

Sunday, April 7

5:57 p.m. – Suspicious Condition. A 68-year-old man walking alongside Hurd Field near the Arlington Reservoir came across a younger man allegedly urinating into a stream bed and barked at him, “Use a Porta Potti!” – only to be told to mind his own business. Having finished his own business, the young man got on a bicycle and announced that he was off to Lexington. The older man filed an online citizen's report to document the matter for the town. 

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This column by YourArlington volunteer writer Chris Wilbur was published Thursday, April 11, 2024, based on information from Arlington Police Department daily logs and explanations from APD spokesman Capt. Richard Flynn.